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Buffet R13 'Golden Era' Bb,
serial # 59xxx


Key Plating: Silver/Gold

Plating wear: None

Prior Wood Damage: None

Approximate Year of Manufacture: 1959

Case: Vintage R13 Pouchette Style Leather 

The Golden Era Buffet R13 clarinets are regarded by many to be some of the best instruments ever manufactured. This is an unofficial designation given by the clarinet community to the earliest few decades of the R13. This instrument has received a complete rebuild, including replacing of the keys in silver, and posts, rings, and register/thumb tube in gold, metal tenon caps/sleeves, and all new bumpers, springs, and Valentino and cork pads. Additional tuning and voicing work has been done. It is a beautiful player and sings with the classic R13 "sweetness" that made the brand into what it is today!

To arrange purchase, please contact:
(860) 941-7063 (call or text)
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