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Buffet Tradition Clarinet

Recently, Buffet released this new family of cylindrical bore clarinets descended from the BC20, an iconic clarinet from the early half of the 20th century. The Tradition offers a woody, well-centred tone and technical characteristics borrowed directly from the highest range model,  the LEGENDE.  It offers metal tenon caps, a left hand Eb/Ab, and  a vertical medallion that lends an elegance befitting a member of this new bore family. The natural, unstained buffed wood and traditionally crafted keywork are fabricated in the workshops in Mantes la Ville, France, making this an exceptional professional clarinet, one that both literally and figuratively shines.

Trad Clarinet in Bb, Nickel:   $6,178 (in stock)

Trad  Clarinet in Bb, Silver:    $6,564 (contact us)

Trad Clarinet in A, Nickel:      $7,214  (contact us)

Trad Clarinet in A, Silver:       $7,521 (contact us)

To arrange purchase, please contact:
(860) 941-7063 (call or text)
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