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The HWC Traditional Overhaul is the minimum service recommended for all intermediate wood clarinets. With a traditional overhaul, the clarinet still receives the wood treatment and discriminating attention to detail that any clarinet that comes across the HWC bench receives. The traditional overhaul features Valentino synthetic pads, premium felt and cork bumpers, new tenon corks, tightening of the keywork, and buffing of all keys, posts and rings. 

The HWC Traditional Overhaul Process:

The instrument is completely disassembled and stripped of all pads, corks, and bumpers. During disassembly, all keys are checked for end-play. Hinge tubes are swedged and pivot screws are counter-sunk to eliminate any excess play. This allows for pads to seat consistently and reduces unwanted key noise. If necessary, the body is washed and gently scrubbed in mild detergent and warm water to dislodge dirt and grime from tone holes, then immediately blown dry with compressed air. The clarinet body is oiled thoroughly with a proprietary mixture of linseed, orange, and paraffin oil.  This step conditions the wood and allows the grain to swell, preventing moisture penetration. Depending on the condition of the wood grain, the oil may be left on the body for as many as seven days before being cleaned and polished. All keys are soaked in degreaser and buffed to a brilliant shine, removing tarnish and oxidation, leaving them looking new again New felt and cork bumpers and silencers are installed The body is cleaned, polished and carefully inspected for cracks or chipped tone holes. Tone holes are resurfaced to ensure a perfect seal and cracks (if any) are repaired with carbon fiber pins. (There is an additional charge for crack repair; the customer will always be notified beforehand). Posts and rings are buffed to a brilliant shine. If any tenon rings are loose, they are shimmed tight. If there is any sticking in the tenons, it is repaired at this stage. New tenon corks are installed and sanded to ensure a snug fit without being so tight that keys are under stress during assembly.  The clarinet is reassembled and and fitted with a set of Valentino Greenback pads. These pads have a life span of about 10 years. As each key is installed, a premium synthetic clockmaker's oil is used on the rods and a synthetic hydrocarbon grease is used on all pivot screws. These lubricants function at a level far superior to their petroleum-based counterparts and don't break down over time, which will prevent sluggish key action over the years. Spring tension on each key is checked and modified if necessary to ensure light, quick action that still has a good amount of 'snap' to it. After final assembly/pad installation, final adjustments are made and the instrument is play-tested, usually for about 45 minutes. The instrument then sits overnight and is play-tested again, with adjustments being made if necessary. The clarinet is then wiped clean and re-packed for delivery. The HWC goal for every overhaul is to deliver a perfect instrument with beautiful action and a locked-down seal every time. All work is guaranteed and comes with a 12 month 'Barrel to Bell' Warranty.



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