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Intermediate Clarinets

In addition to the finest professional clarinets available in the world today, HWC is pleased to offer these high-quality Buffet Crampon intermediate and advanced-intermediate models to budding future artists!

Buffet E12F

Developed through industrial cooperation between Buffet's Research & Development arm and their Production facilities based in France and Germany, the E12F is derived from professional models and made in Buffet Crampon’s French workshops. The key assembly and quality control are carried out by German teams in Markneukirchen.

Ease of play, reliability, and accurate tuning are key characteristics of this new Buffet Crampon clarinet. The E12F sets a new standard for young musicians. It comes with a lightweight ergonomic backpack fitted with extra side pockets.

$2,580 (In Stock)   

Buffet E11

The industry standard intermediate clarinet for decades, the E11 is a free blowing clarinet with a high quality hand finish. Constructed by traditional methods combining the technology and experience of Buffet Crampon, the E11 is manufactured in specially dedicated German workshops in Markeukirchen.

$1,850 (coming soon)

For additional information and to arrange purchase, please contact:
(860) 941-7063 (call or text)
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