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Testimonials and Reviews

Feedback From Happy HWC Clients:

Chris did a fantastic job on the overhaul of my B flat R13! I am so happy with the results - the clarity is amazing. It only took two weeks including shipping time from the east coast. Don't hesitate, send your clarinet to Chris now! Your clarinet will thank you.

Chris recently overhauled my B-flat R13 and I could not be happier with the result. The responsiveness and ease of playing is the best it has ever been. The altissimo speaks so freely and the lower chalumeau has a newfound profundity. I am having more fun practicing than I have in years. I cannot recommend Chris's work enough.

I just recieved my clarinets back from Chris and I honestly have to say that they feel and play like new again! He even made a new barrel for my A clarinet and now it plays better than ever. The quality of work and matriels are fantastic and I honestly feel that the result surpases the price I paid. I would recommend Howard Woodwind Company to anyone!

I can’t recommend Howard Woodwind Company enough. I have lived in CT since 2007. Until a few weeks ago, I had yet to find a clarinet repair tech I trusted my horns with. Chris came strongly recommended and it’s easy to see why. Not only is he is a highly skilled and knowledgeable individual, he’s organized, affable and his rates are very reasonable. My clarinets just came back from his shop; they look and play like a dream. Clarinetists of CT and beyond, look no further. Your clarinets are in excellent hands at HWC. Thank you, Chris!!!

Chris overhauled my R13. I bought it in 1991 and it had never been overhauled. I always babied it but lately it was giving me problems.

I was just overwhelmed when Chris finished. My clarinet now plays better than it ever did! The high notes are now so easy and it just sparkles with every single note. I am so incredibly pleased. It is now a complete joy to play.

Chris just overhauled my B flat and A Buffet R13s. The holidays came early! It's like having having brand new instruments. Thank you Chris!!!

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